Tax Solutions Group

This business helps people who get behind on their taxes. We helped them take control of their web presence.
Tax Solutions Group
Web Development, Identity, SEO, PPC, and ongoing support

Like many small businesses that have been around for a while...

Tax Solutions Group had experienced more marketing disappointments than wins. They had two websites competing against each other (one they owned, and one they subscribed to) and their branding was all over the place. ​

We created a new brand that conveys what it is they do — protect their clients from unexpected, excessive or burdensome tax liabilities and help them get them their financial lives back. Then we consolidated their websites in to a single, modern responsive site — that they own — ready to capture leads from their new SEO and PPC efforts. 

Small business strategies to level the playing field

Big businesses spend big money on building and maintaining their web presence. But you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”! Strategically customizing existing templates can lower your web development costs while still giving you a unique, professional look. This along with a professionally designed identity (a.k.a. your logo) and well-written copy can put you ahead of the competition, no matter your size.