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Redesigning and supporting a multi-lingual blog with over 500 posts
DB Schenker
Web Development and ongoing support

Driving traffic on two continents in four languages

After supporting DB Schenker’s blog for a few years, it was time for a refresh. Oh, and since our customer base includes North and South America, let’s add support for Spanish, Portuguese and French. We of course said, “no problem!” 

This site is an important source of logistics news for the industry in the Americas, and beyond. We are happy to support it.


WordPress' blog format and flexibility with plugins makes it a great choice for this site


The WordPress Multilingual Plugin is a powerful tool for implementing and managing content in multiple languages

Yoast, Jetpack & Wordfence

Some of the tools employed on this site to monitor SEO and protect the site from suspicious traffic.

Spotlight on content

We occasionally contribute posts to this blog, which involves researching, consulting with company experts, and writing the story. We also create infographics for select posts to improve readability and SEO. One of our stories, the Top 15 Ports in the Americas, is the most read story on the blog and continues to drive traffic to the site. It, along with a 2019 version of the story, have generated over 75K visits to the site across all languages. These stories frequently appear in the #1 spot on Google.

Before & After

Besides not being set up for multiple languages, the former site was not designed for mobile traffic, and the look was definitely dated. We recommend for companies to refresh their websites at least every 5 years to avoid giving customers a negative impression.