Marine Parts Trifold

DB Schenker utilizes a global network to deliver massive ship parts worldwide. We tell their story in 6 pages.
DB Schenker
Design and copywriting

Brochure design and content development

Modern ships are among the largest things built by man. The parts used to make them are equally massive. So what do you do when a part wears out or breaks? You call DB Schenker. 

DB Schenker’s Marine Parts division needed a marketing showpiece to highlight their extensive logistical network and

specialized services. And it needed and to make it clear how they beat the competition. Without getting lost in industry jargon. They also needed it to comply with Schenker global branding standards. 

Our solution was a trifold brochure. Compared to the more traditional eight page format, the trifold allows for a massive three panel spread. This gave us the space we needed to tell their story with large illustrated maps and bold imagery.

Complying with global branding standards

Not long before the start of this project, DB Schenker refreshed their brand guidelines. We worked closely with brand compliance to make sure the photos and typography were in harmony with their newly developed standards.