Solutions Direct Marketing

Helping an automotive marketing firm triple their business by telling their story with video
Solutions Direct Marketing
Video production

Video production and editing

Automotive marketing is a competitive business. Solutions Direct has a unique product that offers an incredible return on investment. However, Solution Direct’s president had a problem — his sales people struggled to articulate why their product was so superior to the competition. We suggested he shoot a video, explaining the product like only he could. Once for all. The result? Some 1600 views later, the company has more than tripled their business.

Play Video about Ryan Stamp, President of Solutions Direct Marketing
Solutions Direct Video Shoot detail

Want to learn more about hand-addressed direct mail marketing? Watch the video! We’ve also partnered with Solutions Direct Marketing to offer this unique product to our clients at an incredible rate.


Making the pitch in 4 minutes...

When it comes to sales, one-on-one, SD’s president Ryan Stamp has the gift. Making the pitch to a camera is a little harder. We had no script, just the presidents extensive knowledge of his product. It took us over 3 hours of filming to get the footage we needed to tell the story. Then it was just a matter of editing… 


Our talented team of videographers used a two camera setup and a combination of natural and artificial light.


Shooting without a script presented its own challenges. We transcripted the footage and used that to efficiently arrange the story

Post Production

Intros, outros and graphics were added to illustrate and polish the presentation.

With the right lighting, any room can become a studio