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Transforming a basic informational website into an eCommerce lead-generating machine
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Website redesign, plus ongoing content, SEO, & PPC support

When we started supporting this site in 2016, it had very little traffic or page authority. We implemented SEO and began improving page content, increasing organic traffic 270% in the first year. And last year, organic traffic was up an additional 500% compared to the first year after SEO implementation. Several of the site’s main keywords now rank in the top 10/first page results. 

In addition to SEO, we began a PPC advertising campaign. On average, leads generated from PPC have increased 103% year-over-year, each year since 2017.

In 2020, it was finally time to refresh the site. We rebuilt it from the ground up, improving the design/branding, site navigation, messaging and responsiveness. We also added eCommerce and cartable products, and created an instant online quoting system for Cargo Insurance. 

The site now has over 100 pages and generates more than 100K visits per year. Last year, organic visits exceeded paid visits by 38%, and organic leads increased 66% year-over-year. 

From simple beginnings, this once largely informational site has become a high performing lead generator that is critical to the client’s business.

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PPC Lead Increase
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Organic Lead Increase

After improving the design, page content and navigation with the 2020 relaunch, 2021 SEO and PPC leads were up a combined 71.7% YoY.

Tools & methods

Powered by WordPress

Since the site contains only a handful of cartable products (most require custom quoting) we decided to keep the site in WordPress and implement eCommerce through WooCommerce rather than employing an enterprise solution. This saved the client money. It also required some creative solutions to make everything work.


WooCommerce's flexible plugin options made it a logical choice for this project.

Gravity Forms

This site employs some 15 forms for lead generation, customer inquiries, and cart generation. The site's Insurance Quote Generator was created with Gravity Forms utilizing custom code.


In addition to Google Analytics, CallRail allows us to track ROI with greater precision.


The homepage was designed with a view to easy navigation, branding, and SEO

Service: Trucking Solutions

The website was reorganized according to products and consulting services (such as Trucking Solutions)

Product: Customs Bonds

Depending on the options chosen, either an order or a "request for quote" is generated

Customs Bonds — Purchasing Process

Multipage forms make it easy to purchase a bond or to request a bond quote

Product: Cargo Insurance

Visitors can get an instant online quote on a single shipment policy. They can also request a quote on an annual policy.

Cargo Insurance — Online Quoting

The insurance form collects all the information necessary to quote and issue a policy

Cargo Insurance — Online Quoting

A quote is generated if the information meets certain criteria. Otherwise, a "request for quote" is generated and the customer is contacted by an agent.

Online Training

Extensive online training options are available to those who want to advance their career in logistics

Online Training: Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods training is essential for all sorts of personnel throughout the supply chain