DJ Lexakhan

Go bold or go home — creating a brand worthy of a local legend
DJ Lexakhan
Identity, collateral, merchandise

Branding a local legend: the identity must fit the personality.

DJ Lexakhan is a popular entertainer based in Santa Ana, California. He’s especially known for getting the heads bobbin’ on Funky Fridays, one of his signature events. 

When it came time to create a brand worthy of the professionalism, soul, and joy that DJ Lexakhan brings to his craft, we had to find just the right vibe. We went with bold angles and color to match the intensity of his events. The hole in the center is a nod to the vinyl that DJ Lexakhan still brings out for special events. And the result? We’d like to think it’s as vibrant and recognizable as the man himself. 

Feel the vibe...

If you’re ever in Southern California area and looking to get your funk on, check out DJ Lexakhan’s Facebook page for his next event. Or just go to LiveSets and start bobbin’ ya head!